Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Classmate

Hi everybody! This time I will talk about my D3D2 classmate. Firstly I will talk about guys in my class.

1. Hafiz
He is live in Damansara. His nickname is Bob. I think he is nice person that can be friends with everybody. He is active in Irama Club.

2. Dhamiri
Dhamiri is an easy going and friendly guy. He is live in Ampang, Selangor. I'm cannot describe more about him because actually he is new my classmate in this semester.

3. Afiq
He is from Muar, Johor. He is a quiet person. I think he is smart guy and hard working person. He like to smile.

4. Zaki
I look that he is very clever boy and very focuses in class. He have scored Dean's List for two previous semester.

5. Kashfi
He quite tall and active in playing football. He is our class reps for BELL 311. His is smart in English.

6. Ruzaini
He is my classmate in part 1. He is talkative person and quite sporting person. He is one of commander of Fire Briged in UiTM Johor.

7. Hafiz
His nickname is Frankie. He is smart boy. He is quite person in class.

8. Syukri
Same with Ruzaini, he is my classmate when I was in part one. He is one of JPA commander. He is quite person but smart in study.

Next I will talk about girls in my class.

1. Suatika
She is quite person and has soft voice. She is very polite girl. For me she is kind person. She very close with Leen, Ila and Faina.

2. Norleen
She is talkative person. For me she is easy going and nice person. She has a lot of idea in her mind and like to share with another people.

3. Norfarhanis
I know her since I'm in part one. I'm very close with her. She seen like quite person but actually she is talkative person. She always care about her friends feelings. She like to crash joke and make me always laugh when be with her. I'm very happy has a friend like her.

4. Nadiah
Nadiah is talkative person. She is a smart and hardworking girl. She is very nice and easy going person. I like to friend with her.

5 Nisa- Its me.

6. Wani
Same with Anis, I know her since I'm in part one and very close with her. Some people said that she is quite girl but for me she is talkative person. She has lot of idea and very clever girl. She is easy going and nice person. She always help me in study especially in English. Sometime we share our problem together. For me she is a good listening. I'm very enjoy friend with her.

7. Siti
Siti is same college with me. She is talkative person and has good voice. For me she is quite pretty in our class. She is nice and friendly person.

8. Hasina
Hasina or Sina also same college with me. For me she is good person. She likes to smile and easy going person.

9. Suria
She is simple and smart girl. She has a lot of idea. She like to smile and easy going person.

10. Faina
Faina is a smart girl. She always focuses in class. She is creative person. For me she is nice and like to smile.

11. Liyana
Liyana or Yana is very sweet person. She is cute and nice person. She is cheerful girl and I like to friend with her.

12. Hasrita
Hasrita is easy going person. She is simple person and has a twin in UiTM Kelantan. For me she is strong and nice person.

13. Hidayah
Hidayah is always and do not shy to ask lecturer in class when she is do not understand. She is easy going person and hard working girl.

14. Liyana
Liyana or Lana is a brilliant girl in our class. She is quite pretty and simple girl. She is friendly and easy going person. She is smart in her study.

15. Nur Fadzilah
For me she is hardworking girl. She is quite in class and very focuses when lecturer is teaching. She is friendly person.

16. Norashima
For me she is nice and friendly person. I cannot describe more about her because she is my new classmate in this semester and I hope after this I can know her better.

17. Amirah
She is talkative person. She is friendly and nice girl. She can get along with everyone around her.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Subjects In This Semester

Hi, in my first essay I told all of you that I’m currently studying Diploma in Banking in semester 3. Now I will tell you about my subject which I took this semester. In this semester I have 6 subjects. Actually this semester my time table is pact more than last semester. This is because last semester I have only 5 subjects. Nevertheless, this semester is not too hard because most of the subjects are using calculating rather than reading. I am better in calculating than reading.

Firstly, let me tell you about my linguistic subject. In this semester I need to take two linguistic subjects. First subject is English. In my course I have to take English for 3 semesters and this is the last semester. For this semester, we are focusing more in writing. My English lecturer is Sir Izuan. He is good in teaching. This is because due to the assignments given by him, I tend to have more interest in English study. Example of his assignment is when he asked his student to create blog and write something in the blog every week.

My second language is Arabic. In this University we can choose either Arabic or Mandarin. I choose Arabic because this is our Islamic language and I heard that this subject is easy to score. In my course I have to take this subject for 2 semesters and this is the first semester for me. This subject is focusing in communication. My Arabic lecturer is Ustaz Syazali. He will tell any story before he starts his teaching. This makes his class interesting.

Secondly, I will tell you about my Finance subject. This is the first semester I take this subject. Actually, finance is more like accounts and mathematics but it is easier. Finance focused on how the firms allocates and manages their funds. My Finance lecturer is Encik Syamsul. The way he thought us is very clear easy to be understood. After lecture he will asked us to do past year question to give us more understanding on what he had thought earlier.

Third subject is statistic. It is more like mathematics but focus more on graph. I like this subject as same as I like finance. Miss Arfah is my lecturer in this subject. I’m enjoying her class. This is because she always makes jokes in class.

Another subject is Macroeconomic. Last semester I had take Microeconomic. Macroeconomic and Microeconomic are totally different. Macroeconomic is aggregate behavior of the entire economy and microeconomic is studies on individual economic. I think macroeconomic is easier than microeconomy. Macroeconomic has both calculation and reading. My lecturer is Encik Abdullah. He told us that we can call his Encik Dollah. After he finished teaching one chapter he will gives us quiz in the next class. He wants to know how far we understand that chapter.

Lastly is Asas Economic Islam. In my course I have taken Agama Islam subject for 3 semesters and this semester is the last. This semester we are focusing in Islamic economic. I like this subject because we can know better economic in Islam. My lecturer is Ustaz Kamarulzaman. He is the head of Centre for Islamic Thought and Understanding.

That’s all about my subjects this semester. Next essay I will tell you about my classmate D3D2.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Being a senior

Hi, thank you for reading my article again. This time, I want to tell you all about my experience of being a senior. I think most of you have been a senior right? I still remember when I was offered to study in this university. I felt afraid because I heard from people about senior bullying junior at college. Nevertheless, when I stayed at college my perception was changed. What I have heard and my experience are totally different. Senior at my college are kind and respect us as junior especially my roommate when I was in semester one. She is very kind to me and always help me when I have a problem.

Time past very fast and the situation has changed. Now I'am a senior. Although I'am in part 3 and have older senior than me, but student in part 1 still call my friends and me in the same part as I'am as a senior. Being a senior has its advantages. When I was in part 1 and a junior, senior always asked me and other junior to participate in every activity in the college. Although the activity is tiring sometimes its fun. Now when I'am a senior, I'm not busy as I in part one and I have time to do my assignment. Although I'm not participate in activity college, but I still have to go to full fill my activity card.

At my wings we have 4 student in part one and 2 of them are in the same course as I'am. They always come to my room and ask me to teach them mathematics. They also tell me about in their class, their friends and their problems. I also share my story with them. At weekends, I always ask them to join eat with my roommates at cafe. I have funs with them.

For me student that called name senior or junior are not totally different. This is because both of them have to respect each other either they are junior or senior. So senior and junior can also be a bestfriend.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Roommates

Hi there, today I want to share with all of you about my roommates. Actually, in this semester I get same room and same roommates as last semester. Therefore we already know each other really well. I'm a youngest in my room.

First, let me introduce my oldest roommate. She is Siti Farhana bt Md Hamdan from Muar, Johor. She was born on 6 August 1988 and now her age is 21 years old. Currently she is in semester 6 and taking the Diploma in Quantitative Science. She is very good in calculation. I always ask her about my study in calculating subject like Finance. To me she is good person and she is not selfish. She always try to help us when we have problems. Her hobby is listening music and travelling. Her favourite singer is Siti Nurhaliza. She likes Siti very much and most of the song in her laptop are songs by Siti. She likes to eat 'Tauhu Goreng’ and her favourites drink is ‘Milo Ais’.

My other roommates is Nur Syafikah bt Shaari from Petaling Jaya, Selangor. She was born on 11 October 1989 and her age is 20 years old. She is in semester 5 and taking Diploma in Business Transport. All of my roommates I’m very closed with her. We shared everything about our problems. She is very good in English. However my English is very weak and therefore, sometimes I asked her about English. Although she likes to sleep but she is good in her study. She likes to crash joke and when she is not around I feel bored. She is very active in Brass Band. Just like in the last semester, although she is in semester 4 but she is still active in the Brass Band. She likes Justine Timberlake very much because for her Justine is a very handsome guy. She knows any news about Justine.

Finally, my last roommate is Nurazlin bt Muhamad. She was born on 11 January. She is from Kuala Kangsar, Perak. Just like Syafika, she is also taking Diploma in Business Transport but she in semester 4. Her hobby is reading novel. I did not know her very well. Every weekend she will go home and she always go to her friend’s room to finish her assignment. I like her face. She is beautiful.

That’s all about my roommates. They are very nice to me and always help me when I have a problem. Thus I’m a lucky person because have roommates like them. I like them very much.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Abaut Me

My name is Khairunnisa Sariyah Sowell. I'm 19 years old. I was born on 7 July 1990 at Hospital Besar Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. My zodiac is cancer. Now, I'm living in Kajang, Selangor which is famous it 'satay'. I have lived there for 7 years.

My hobby is playing badminton. Exercise for me is very important to ensure that my body is always in good health. Therefore I choose badminton as my hobby as it is fun and it is one of the exercises. I always take care of my body so I take fruits and vegetable as my favourite food. My favourite drink is orange juice. I like to watch Mandarin and Korean drama. Most of the dramas are very touching. My favourite music is ‘Hot and Cold’ that song by Katy Pery. She is my favourite singer. I like her because she has a good voice and pretty face. Most of her songs are great to me.

Now, I'm studying in UiTM Segamat. I'm taking Diploma in Banking and now I'm in semester 3. This course is exciting to me because it have both calculation and reading subject. College that I’m staying in this University is very comfortable. Although this University is far from city but it’s comfortable to study because it is peaceful without city’s noise.

My father's name is Andrew Jackson Sowell. He is an American. He had passed away about 16 years ago when I was 3 years old. My mother's name is Meriam Ismail. Her age is 52 years old. I'm very proud with my mother. She takes care of her children very well without her husband. Now, she is teaching at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sri Serdang as a chemistry teacher. I have 3 siblings and I'm the youngest. I have 2 big brothers. My first brother is Sarafuddin Abdul Syahid Sowell. His age is 24 years old. Now, he is studying at UIA, Gombak. He is taking Master in Law. My second brother is Rushduddin Abdul Razaq Sowell and his age is 23 years old. He is also studying at UIA,Gombak.He is taking Degree in Accountancy. I love my family very much.

Monday, July 6, 2009

About Me

My name is Khairunnisa Sariyah Sowell. I am from Kajang,Selangor and I'm 19 years old.I'm study in UiTM Segamat.