Monday, July 27, 2009

Being a senior

Hi, thank you for reading my article again. This time, I want to tell you all about my experience of being a senior. I think most of you have been a senior right? I still remember when I was offered to study in this university. I felt afraid because I heard from people about senior bullying junior at college. Nevertheless, when I stayed at college my perception was changed. What I have heard and my experience are totally different. Senior at my college are kind and respect us as junior especially my roommate when I was in semester one. She is very kind to me and always help me when I have a problem.

Time past very fast and the situation has changed. Now I'am a senior. Although I'am in part 3 and have older senior than me, but student in part 1 still call my friends and me in the same part as I'am as a senior. Being a senior has its advantages. When I was in part 1 and a junior, senior always asked me and other junior to participate in every activity in the college. Although the activity is tiring sometimes its fun. Now when I'am a senior, I'm not busy as I in part one and I have time to do my assignment. Although I'm not participate in activity college, but I still have to go to full fill my activity card.

At my wings we have 4 student in part one and 2 of them are in the same course as I'am. They always come to my room and ask me to teach them mathematics. They also tell me about in their class, their friends and their problems. I also share my story with them. At weekends, I always ask them to join eat with my roommates at cafe. I have funs with them.

For me student that called name senior or junior are not totally different. This is because both of them have to respect each other either they are junior or senior. So senior and junior can also be a bestfriend.

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