Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Subjects In This Semester

Hi, in my first essay I told all of you that I’m currently studying Diploma in Banking in semester 3. Now I will tell you about my subject which I took this semester. In this semester I have 6 subjects. Actually this semester my time table is pact more than last semester. This is because last semester I have only 5 subjects. Nevertheless, this semester is not too hard because most of the subjects are using calculating rather than reading. I am better in calculating than reading.

Firstly, let me tell you about my linguistic subject. In this semester I need to take two linguistic subjects. First subject is English. In my course I have to take English for 3 semesters and this is the last semester. For this semester, we are focusing more in writing. My English lecturer is Sir Izuan. He is good in teaching. This is because due to the assignments given by him, I tend to have more interest in English study. Example of his assignment is when he asked his student to create blog and write something in the blog every week.

My second language is Arabic. In this University we can choose either Arabic or Mandarin. I choose Arabic because this is our Islamic language and I heard that this subject is easy to score. In my course I have to take this subject for 2 semesters and this is the first semester for me. This subject is focusing in communication. My Arabic lecturer is Ustaz Syazali. He will tell any story before he starts his teaching. This makes his class interesting.

Secondly, I will tell you about my Finance subject. This is the first semester I take this subject. Actually, finance is more like accounts and mathematics but it is easier. Finance focused on how the firms allocates and manages their funds. My Finance lecturer is Encik Syamsul. The way he thought us is very clear easy to be understood. After lecture he will asked us to do past year question to give us more understanding on what he had thought earlier.

Third subject is statistic. It is more like mathematics but focus more on graph. I like this subject as same as I like finance. Miss Arfah is my lecturer in this subject. I’m enjoying her class. This is because she always makes jokes in class.

Another subject is Macroeconomic. Last semester I had take Microeconomic. Macroeconomic and Microeconomic are totally different. Macroeconomic is aggregate behavior of the entire economy and microeconomic is studies on individual economic. I think macroeconomic is easier than microeconomy. Macroeconomic has both calculation and reading. My lecturer is Encik Abdullah. He told us that we can call his Encik Dollah. After he finished teaching one chapter he will gives us quiz in the next class. He wants to know how far we understand that chapter.

Lastly is Asas Economic Islam. In my course I have taken Agama Islam subject for 3 semesters and this semester is the last. This semester we are focusing in Islamic economic. I like this subject because we can know better economic in Islam. My lecturer is Ustaz Kamarulzaman. He is the head of Centre for Islamic Thought and Understanding.

That’s all about my subjects this semester. Next essay I will tell you about my classmate D3D2.

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